Great Gidding St. Michael

Great Gidding

St. Michael, Great Gidding

The bells are hung in the wooden 1839 Taylor frame. Bells last re-hung in the late sixties, the oak frame being strengthened by the installation of a new metal sub-frame. New elm headstocks, bearings, wheels and fittings. In 2005 the cracked headstock of the tenor was replaced with a new Iroko headstock, whilst in 2011 the odd striking of the treble and second bell received remedial attention. The re-hanging and subsequent work carried out by Whites of Appleton.


Tower chamber.
Step-free access to the church only.
Spiral staircase.
No toilet.


Main Street, Great Gidding, Huntingdon PE28 5NX

Grid Reference

Ringing Times

  • Service ringing

    1. Sunday (1st, check),
    2. Sunday (3rd, Oct—Mar, check),
    3. Sunday (3rd, Apr—Sept, check),


  • Tower Captain
    Michael Keck

  • Tower Correspondent
    Mary Read

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